1- Collecting and sorting agriculture crop residues and wood residues.

2- Producing industrial agro pellets as a solid biofuel by recycling agriculture crop residues and untreated wood according to the French Agro pellets Standard and DIN 51731 specifications.

3- Producing premium wood pellets as a solid biomass fuel by recycling untreated pine wood residues according to the DIN plus specifications.

4- Trading and supplying the industrial sector (power stations, factories, Combined heat and power (CHP) Plant ... etc.) with industrial agro / wood pellets and biomass feedstock as alternative fuel.

5- Exporting wood pellets and agro pellets to E.U.

6- Reclamation and cultivating of lands and production of biofuel crops like Jatropha and jojoba.

7- Generating and supplying electric power for both the government and private sectors in Egypt.