Pellet di legno e fuoco

Egypt has more than 30 millions of tons of agriculture crops residues that are still not utilized. Most of these agriculture crop residues are disposed of in local landfills or dumped illegally in the fields causing over impacts to public health, safety, and the environment. The Egyptian Center for Alternative and Renewable Energy (ECARE) offers a positive alternative. We focus on using these organic residues for the production of wood and agro pellets as a solid biofuel for generating sustainable energy and for supplying the industrial sector needs from energy. Our business model consists of the development of an Egyptian biomass chain as the company activities are:

• Collecting and sorting agriculture crop residues and wood residues.

• Producing industrial agro pellets as a solid biofuel by recycling agriculture crop

residues and untreated wood according to the French Agro pellets Standard and

DIN 51731 specifications.

• Producing premium wood pellets as a solid biofuel by recycling untreated pine

wood residues according to the DIN plus specifications.

• Trading and supplying the industrial sector (power stations, factories, Combined

heat and power (CHP) Plant … etc.) with agro pellets as alternative fuel.

• Exporting wood pellets and agro pellets to E.U.

• Reclamation and cultivating of lands and production of biofuel crops like Jatropha

and jojoba.

• Generating and supplying electric power for both the government and private

sectors in Egypt.

(ECARE) implements the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in all its business


The economic feasibility, the environmental and social sustainability of projects are

studied in detail.

(ECARE) utilizes biomass from organic residue flows only.

Its activities do not result in competition with existing forms of land use, nor with food


(ECARE) supports local economic and social development.

And – last but not least – the use of the produced biomass contributes to a reduction in

greenhouse gas emissions.

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