Business Model


The business model of (ECARE) is focused on creating an international wood and agro

pellets chain that allows customers to be assured of a continuous supply of sustainable

pellets and energy.

Essential elements of the integrated wood and agro pellets chain are:

• A stable and guaranteed flow of wood and agriculture crops residues;

• A well-functioning production line; and

• Good opportunities to market the pellets products.

Important assets of (ECARE) are its extensive experience and expertise in processing

wood and agriculture crops residues and in implementing a lot of projects.

In addition it has a wide network of business relations in the biomass and renewable

energy sector.

By integrating the biomass chain (ECARE) can provide its suppliers as well as its

customers the guarantees they need.

Company activities are developing in a phased and modular way.

After a thorough feasibility study, activities are started on a limited scale and fine-tuned

after which they are extended quickly.

(ECARE) is embedding its activities in the local environment with respect for social and

environmental sustainability.

(ECARE) invests in relationships with all stakeholders including local governments,

businesses and people.

The business model is focused on creating value through innovation.

New types of organic residues are taken into production.

The produced wood and agro pellets meet the relevant international quality standards.

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