Sustainability is at the heart of all activities of (ECARE). It is also what motivates and inspires the employees of the company. Solid organic residues are an excellent source for generating renewable energy. In many urban areas organic residues cause hygiene problems and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions (methane). (ECARE) creates a win-win situation by utilizing these organic residues as feedstock for the production of wood and agro pellets as a solid biofuel. The international debate on the use of biomass for energy purposes has yielded several new insights on sustainability. Especially the large-scale cultivation of agricultural crops for biofuel production can in some parts of the world result in deforestation and competition with food production. The development of Corporate Social Responsibility is in this respect of great importance. (ECARE) uses only organic waste flows for the production of biofuel and is continuously exploring the possibilities to improve on the social, ecological, and economic impact of its operations.