Egypt has more than 30 millions of tons of agriculture crops residues that are still not utilized. Most of these agriculture crop residues are disposed of in local landfills or dumped illegally in the fields causing over impacts to public health, safety, and the environment. The Egyptian Center for Alternative and Renewable Energy (ECARE) offers a positive alternative. We focus on using these organic residues for the production of wood and agro pellets as a solid biofuel for generating sustainable energy and for supplying the industrial sector needs from energy. Our business model consists of the development of an Egyptian biomass chain as the company activities are: READ MORE [...]


The business model of (ECARE) is focused on creating an international wood and agro pellets chain that allows customers to be assured of a continuous supply of sustainable pellets and energy. Essential elements of the integrated wood and agro pellets chain are: READ MORE [...]


(ECARE) is fully aware of its activities and aims to have a positive impact on its employees, the environment and local communities. Social welfare and corporate success are closely related. Given the innovative character of (ECARE) it is essential that employees are motivated and well-trained, raw materials used are sustainable, and relationships with regional stakeholders are strong. READ MORE [...]


Sustainability is at the heart of all activities of (ECARE). It is also what motivates and inspires the employees of the company. Solid organic residues are an excellent source for generating renewable energy. In many urban areas organic residues cause hygiene problems and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions (methane).READ MORE [...]