(ECARE) is fully aware of its activities and aims to have a positive impact on its employees, the environment and local communities. Social welfare and corporate success are closely related. Given the innovative character of (ECARE) it is essential that employees are motivated and well-trained, raw materials used are sustainable, and relationships with regional stakeholders are strong. The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of (ECARE) applies to all its activities and employees. (ECARE) stands for:
• Honesty, integrity, openness, and respect for every individual. No form of discrimination is tolerated. (ECARE) has fair recruitment procedures. Employees obtain job skills training and a fair salary. They can join a trade union.
• Contributing to local development. (ECARE) communicates timely, openly and honestly about its business. (ECARE), together with its partners, strives to continuously improve the social, ecological, and economic welfare of the local community.
• Protection of the health and safety of employees, customers and other stakeholders. (ECARE) is committed to providing reliable, value for money products and services, and to continuous improvement.
• The use of sustainable raw materials from reliable, undisputed, legal and environmentally friendly sources. (ECARE) produces wood and agro pellets as a solid biofuel and renewable energy from wood and agriculture crops residue flows.
• The Corporate Responsibility Policy of (ECARE) complies with the relevant international conventions of e.g. the UN, ILO, OECD and EU in the field of human rights, sustainability, and business ethics.